Sustainability, environment and climate

Explore sustainability and environment at the Science Centre

At the Science Center, we have a strong focus on sustainability, the environment and the climate. Check out what you can experience with us.

Explore the Environmental Store

What are we really eating? How natural are the products we eat – are they genetically modified raw materials?

How can we pursue sustainable agriculture? What are our resources now and in the future? Is there enough food in the world for all people? How do we become self-sufficient? Recycling and composting – what happens and how?

Many questions and some of these we hope we will be able to answer you on one visit with us.

The environmental store is a role-playing area where you can buy climate-friendly and healthy foods. For the little ones, the focus is on mathematics – skills such as counting, sorting and measuring are practised through play.

Using the graphics on the walls, the adults can learn how to practice math skills with their kids, and gain more knowledge about climate-friendly choices.

The tree

You will find the perfect meeting place under the tree at the Science Center.

In the shadow of the weary is the Science Center’s mini amphitheatre with room for just over 20 people. A perfect meeting place for those who lose sight of each other during the game.

Yggdrasil is in Norse mythology the name of the world tree, probably ash, which reaches across the sky and spreads its branches all over the world. Yggdrasil is all dew that drips down to the ground.

– The great Norwegian encyclopedia


The climate game

Weather and climate are closely linked to the environment. Here you can learn more about our climate footprint and how we humans affect the climate on earth. Why is it getting warmer and what can we do?

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