Explore energy

Import, export and transport. Check out the tough orbit! Or take a look at how renewable energy is created.

What and how much does it take to watch your favourite program on TV. How much must be trampled on the bike?

The body emits energy and heat. What about the mind?

Energy is what makes things happen. It can never occur or disappear, it just goes into other forms.

Almost all energy use turns into heat. You may have felt this yourself when you run fast, touch a light bulb or feel the brake pad on a car that has driven a long way. So there are many energy sources that can be used for heating, but not all are as easy to heat houses with.

The energy sources are most often divided into two groups. Renewable and non-renewable. A renewable energy source is an energy source that does not run out. Such as wind, water, solar and bioenergy. A non-renewable energy source is an energy source that we use faster than it is made. Therefore, non-renewable energy sources may become depleted. Oil and coal are examples of non-renewable energy sources that can run out.

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