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About Vitensenter Nordland

Vitensenter Nordland in Mo i Rana is one of 13 regional science centres in Norway.

The science centres are a popular science experience and learning centre in mathematics, science and technology where visitors learn by experimenting for themselves.

The main theme at Vitensenter Nordland is Nordland’s natural resources, technology and digitization. Interactive exhibitions and pedagogical teaching programs are selected based on these themes.

At Vitensenter Nordland, children, young people and the general public in Nordland will take part in a national initiative in mathematics, science and technology. The science centre is a learning and experience offer that contributes to increased competence, recruitment and value creation.

At the Science Center, you will find many installations where we show how phenomena work in practice. The exhibits are interactive, so you can touch and do, not just see.

Other Science Center in Norway

More information at the Science Center Association

The Science Center Association is an association for the regional science centres in Norway. The association works to promote knowledge about what science centres are and why we need them.

The association is also a body for cooperation between the regional science centres and arranges both administrative meetings and professional seminars.

They work together to make science and technology understandable to everyone. Read more about this here: https://www.vitensenter.no/


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